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  Server Status
  The information below shows the current status of our servers. Our monitoring service is provided by a third-party who checks our servers periodically from three independent points around the UK. If you would like to setup your own monitoring of your website please see for further details. Click here for an explanation of the information below.
 Server status for Demand Technologies 
 Host DNS 
 Status Up 
 Last Checked 21/01/2020 20:00:00 
 Host HOST1 - HTTP 
 Status Up 
 Last Checked 21/01/2020 20:06:00 
 Host HOST1 - POP3 MAIL 
 Status Up 
 Last Checked 21/01/2020 20:07:00 
 Status Up 
 Last Checked 21/01/2020 20:05:00 
 Host HOST3 - HTTP 
 Status Up 
 Last Checked 21/01/2020 20:02:00 
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